The Girl Who Travels: Becca

Friday, 1 September 2017

Becca might actually be one of my favourite people in the world! She was one of the first people I met when I got to New Zealand and we bonded over the fact that I stopped in her town of Fleet for dinner on my way to the airport!  
When I met Becca she was on a similar trip to me i.e New Zealand, Australia & Bali but had a longer time frame in Australia. This meant that we were off and on together on Kiwi Experience before flying to Melbourne together. Since then she's come to visit me and then we went to Vienna together in January!

I love how Becca literally wants to travel everywhere and is up for pretty much everything! She's absolutely crazy at the same time as being the most calming person to be around (until her purse gets stolen in Vienna and she has to cancel all her cards!). Her instagram is actually goals and massively inspires my own travels.

Where did we meet?
We met at a bus stop in the most boring city of them all - Auckland, New Zealand!

What does travel mean to you?

Travel is everything new. Newfound freedom, new experiences, new friends, new places. It's all about change for me; I get itchy feet if I stay at home for too long! There's so much to explore and I get bored so quickly if I'm not out there trying something different and keeping busy.

How do you cope with being away from home?

I rarely stop when I'm travelling so I don't often have time to miss home! But I do make sure that I touch base with everyone back home every now and then. It swings both ways: it's nice when my friends and family message me to see how I'm doing, but I try to make the effort too!

Which was your favourite country or place you visited?
New Zealand will always have my heart. Specifically Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world! I have a real thing for lakes and mountains, which is also what I loved about Canada too. But New Zealand was where I made the best travel friends that I've stayed in contact with and met up with time and time again!

Where is the place you just have to go back to?
I have quite a few friends all dotted around Australia now, so I'd really love to go back there and visit them all. I also never explored the centre or much of the west coast, so that's something I'd like to do in the next couple of years.
What has travel given you?
It's made me more outgoing as a person, because I'm constantly meeting new people every day. I'm also way more chilled out than I was a couple of years ago. I'm a huge planner, but I've definitely learnt to be more spontaneous and not sweat the small stuff if something doesn't quite go to plan! I WILL BE OKAY! I WILL NOT DIE!

What is your must pack item?
A microfibre towel! It's honestly the best thing I've ever bought and they should give me shares in the company for the amount I promote them to everyone! They pack up so small, dry freakishly fast and never smell, so you can use them for the shower, beach, as a blanket, ANYTHING!
Where next?
I'm currently doing a 3 month trip around North America and my next stop is the big old US of A! I'll be hitting up loads of national parks between Seattle and Las Vegas, before heading over to the east coast to visit Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. I'm finishing off my trip with Chicago and San Francisco. It's going to be action-packed for sure!

She's the one with the messy hair coloured by the sun;
The one who's skin holds her stories in scars and tan lines;
The one who is up for anything, the more extreme the better.

The one who is fresh faced and beautiful;
The one who'd rather be in flip flops than heels;
the one who is strong minded and can hold her own;
The one who can adapt to any situation;
The one who loves life with all its ups and downs.

We are the ones who are stuck between two worlds;
A world we don't know how to navigate properly anymore and a world where we feel the most alive.

We are nomads. We belong to no city. We belong to no one.