Berlin Film Festival

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Back in February, I got the opportunity to skip Uni for a week and go run around Berlin for the sole purpose of watching films!
Absolute heaven.

This was my first time in Germany (even though I studied German for five years) and I fell in love with the city and the atmosphere so quickly.

I saw some amazing, weird and wonderful films and the locations were stunning!!

We saw about two films a day for a week which was tiring but such a good experience. 
The highlight for me was Sally Potter's 'The Party'. It was the first film we saw but was still probably the most stand out for me. The whole film is in black and white with intertwining storylines which seamlessly wove together to create the blackest of comedies. It stars Timothy Spall, Kristen Scott Thomas, Cillian Murphy and several other names and faces that you'll instantly recognise. I definitely think that the choice to colour it in black and white helps the viewer to really concentrate on what is going on in a shot and the attention to detail was unreal.

In between watching the films, fighting off hangovers and eating as many bratwursts as I could get my hands on we did actually get to do a bit of sight seeing!
We did the main sights including the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and the East Side Gallery and then just wondered around a lot to see what we could find.

It was such a great experience and we're 100% planning on going back next year!