Vacationing in Vienna

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Back in November, when my travel blues were setting in hard, I started looking around the internet for cheap flights to literally anywhere. It's easy to find if you just put a little effort in. Check skyscanner, easyjet and Ryanair for the cheapest flights from England to Europe and also flying from London Gatwick makes it a lot cheaper.

The cheapest? Vienna.
So that's where I went.

But I didn't go alone! Oh the joys of travelling is you then have random people to call up to see if they want to go to random countries!

I met Becca in New Zealand pretty much exactly a year ago and we travelled there together a fair bit before flying to Melbourne together and we've stayed in contact and met up in England and she is just a great human who happens to have the travel bug even worse than I do.

I found Vienna to be very quiet for a capital city. Yes, we went in the off season but still. The things to do was mostly going to see palaces and churches (Austrians apparently like them a lot) and really just wandering around the city.

As it's the winter there was a massive ice rink outside City Hall and it was incredible - there were even little slopes and hills! It was like something out of Mario Kart with lights under the ice to show which way round to go.

We stayed in a Wombats Hostel near the naschmarkt which was great and only £12 a night and not too far to walk to the centre. The market itself is crazy and full of different foods and random people trying to sell their stuff but as we went over a weekend it was only open for one day.

That's the thing, on a Sunday everything closes. 
All the convenient stores and the markets and it just seems like the city stayed in bed. 

On the Sunday we did end up going to this fancy cafe called Cafe Central to get Goulash and Sachertorte and it was delicious, would 100% recommend but it was a little bit expensive.

It really was a beautiful city; the architecture was just stunning but I don't think I'd need to go back. I feel like there are other places in Austria that have more to explore or maybe just go to Ski who knows!