The Girl Who Travels: Alexis

Saturday, 28 January 2017

The first girl I'm featuring is Alexis, who is from Canada and was also eighteen/nineteen when she was travelling. When I met her she was on a trip where she had lived in Melbourne for a few months, travelled to Tasmania and was on the way up the West Coast of Australia with her friend Deanna who was still in Australia when I reunited with Lex in Canada.

I love how Alexis is so bubbly and up for anything and is the loveliest person, her and Dea were the people I needed when I met them. I hope this comes across in the questions I asked her!

Where did we meet? 
We met in the hippy dippy town of Byron Bay, Australia 

What does travel mean to you? 

Travel means life experience and education. 

How do you cope with being away from home? 

Now that the world is so advanced with technology home is one click away whether it's FaceTime or instant messaging. Being away from home is somewhat easy for me as I enjoy exploring and meeting new people! 

Which was your favourite country or place you visited? 

I have to say France has a special place in my heart. The French language and culture has always been an interest of mine. I'm also a history junkie and the country is full of it!

 What has travel given you? 

Traveling has given me an open mind to new cultures and ways of life around the globe which has given me the ability to appreciate what I have in Canada and how I can better myself as a person. 

Where is the place you just have to go back to?
Australia is definitely somewhere I need to go back to! I need to finish exploring the west coast and central Australia!

What is your must pack item?
Ibuprofen! I kid you not it solves all of my problems whether it's an ache or a cold.

Where next?
My next adventure is taking me to Iceland this February! Why go to a resort when you can explore?
She's the one with the messy hair coloured by the sun;
The one who's skin holds her stories in scars and tan lines;
The one who is up for anything, the more extreme the better.

The one who is fresh faced and beautiful;
The one who'd rather be in flip flops than heels;
the one who is strong minded and can hold her own;
The one who can adapt to any situation;
The one who loves life with all its ups and downs.

We are the ones who are stuck between two worlds;
A world we don't know how to navigate properly anymore and a world where we feel the most alive.
We are nomads. We belong to no city. We belong to no one.