The Girl Who Travels: Alexis

Saturday, 28 January 2017

The first girl I'm featuring is Alexis, who is from Canada and was also eighteen/nineteen when she was travelling. When I met her she was on a trip where she had lived in Melbourne for a few months, travelled to Tasmania and was on the way up the West Coast of Australia with her friend Deanna who was still in Australia when I reunited with Lex in Canada.

I love how Alexis is so bubbly and up for anything and is the loveliest person, her and Dea were the people I needed when I met them. I hope this comes across in the questions I asked her!

Vacationing in Vienna

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Back in November, when my travel blues were setting in hard, I started looking around the internet for cheap flights to literally anywhere. It's easy to find if you just put a little effort in. Check skyscanner, easyjet and Ryanair for the cheapest flights from England to Europe and also flying from London Gatwick makes it a lot cheaper.

The cheapest? Vienna.
So that's where I went.

The Girl Who Travels

Saturday, 7 January 2017

She's the one with the messy hair coloured by the sun;
The one who's skin holds her stories in scars and tan lines;
The one who is up for anything, the more extreme the better.

The one who is fresh faced and beautiful;
The one who'd rather be in flip flops than heels;
the one who is strong minded and can hold her own;
The one who can adapt to any situation;
The one who loves life with all its ups and downs.

We are the ones who are stuck between two worlds;
A world we don't know how to navigate properly anymore and a world where we feel the most alive.
We are nomads. We belong to no city. We belong to no one.

As I'm not able to travel as much as I want at the moment I've decided to feature girls I have met travelling and their experience of it in the mean time. Watch this space!

modified from the original 'Girl who Travels' article