To New Adventures...

Saturday, 10 December 2016

I have now been at university for a whole semester, three months to be exact. And with all the changes and having assignments again I just haven't really thought about blogging.

To say I was scared to come down to Falmouth is an understatement. After having a whole year of moving around constantly I didn't know how I'd feel being in one place and having to get back to the real world. I'd have to adapt myself to being around the same people all the time and having to do work again and having to do adult things like budgeting and laundry.

But somehow, I've made it work.

I actually love living in Cornwall.

I do live in a small town back home but it's so close to Bristol and is really well connected to the surrounding area that I thought I'd struggle with being so secluded down here. Yet being away from cities is great; I live in one of the most beautiful areas of Britain. I mean, sure, the weather may be a bit more extreme and there are hills everywhere but not many people can say that there Uni experience was made by beach bonfires and surfing on the weekends.

I lucked out on my halls and ended up not really getting a long with many of my flat mates which sucks so now I have "adopted flats" where I go hang out most of the time. And with them I am so lucky; I have met some of the best people whether on my course or just in general and I am happy.
I've gone back to playing Hockey which has given me another set of friends across all the years and I feel like I've got a life there more even than at home.

As for my course, it's exactly what I wanted: a mix of theoretical and practical. This first term has shown me what I need to work on - like maybe start essays a month before not three days before deadlines - and also how much I love filmmaking.