"Sunny" San Franciscooo

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Before even heading to California I knew I had to try and get up to San Fransisco whilst I was there so, when camp was all over, myself and another girl got the Megabus for seven hours - twenty dollars each though - to North California.

Considering how hot and sunny the south was we were really not prepared for the north - it was freezing! The main thing keeping me warm was the sun burn I had sustained when I was in Malibu.

We stayed in HI Hostel, Downtown as both of us were missing the hostel atmosphere and I couldn't fault it at all. Annoyingly, we left it quite late to book which meant we had to move rooms a couple of times but we really liked the location so just dealt with it.

On the first day we did a bike tour of the bay with the hostel and it was such an incredible way to see the city. Nerve-racking, definitely. San Fran traffic is horrible to cycle through when you don't know the city. But we got to see so much for like thirty dollars.

Not only did we see the iconic Golden Gate Bridge but we also saw Alcatraz (all the tours were booked for that, you have to book so early!) and the seals down at Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf and the Palace of the Arts - literally everything!

We cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge: BUCKET LIST CHECKED and then carried on round the corner to the small beautiful town of Sausalito for lunch before getting the ferry back to the main city.

In the next few days we wondered around the city a lot; we went back down to Pier 39 and spent time looking around the souvenir shops and eating more bread bowls! As well as visiting Ghiridelli Square and stocking up on some of the nicest chocolate I have ever eaten - who knew dark chocolate and raspberry was such a good combination!

We also walked about eight blocks to get to Lombard Street (the windiest street in the world?) which was such a trek with my bad knee but it's so cool, you can just about see it in the picture above. I did wonder who's idea it was to create a road like that.

I did the most stereotypical thing I could think of whilst I was there and ride one of the trolleys! Them and The Princess Diaries is all I associated with San Francisco for ages and ages.

We also wondered around Golden Gate Park and to the tiled steps but it was such a miserable day that we just grabbed some lunch and were home by four. We also had to do some life thinks like closing our bank accounts as I was leaving the country which took up some time as well.

I really liked the city and I really like our proximity to Union Square where we were staying but I definitely think that the night life is part of the city's charm as the older people we met at the hostel said it was great - looks like I'm just going to have to go back some day!