Oh My Goodness Ontario

Sunday, 4 September 2016

You know what the best thing about travelling is?
When you see someone you met in one country in another!

Which is exactly what I did on my way home from San Fransisco; I took a de tour to Canada to see my friend Alexis whom I met in Byron Bay, Australia. I only had a week with her but she was incredible and sorted out this whole road trip around Ontario!

This is Alexis.
She lives just south of Toronto and she's a babe.

I had a ridiculously long over night flight to get from San Fran to Toronto so my first day we chilled and then went on a night out in Hamilton village, Canadians know how to party!

Then on my first full day we went in to Toronto city and went to a Jay's game (WE WON!), up the CN Tower, to Sweet Jesus - which is an incredddddible ice cream place - and to City Hall. You know the one in Star Trek? Before finishing off by getting cocktails in sand buckets at a roof top bar I can't remember the name of.

Stop Number one on the road trip: Tobermory.

It was about a three hour drive up the North Peninsula in to the National Park that is just stunning. I couldn't believe I was actually in Canada it reminded me so much of Australia or somewhere! We stopped off in the little town of Tobermory before heading back in to the Park to a place called The Grotto where we went swimming in the sea - still cold though - and made ourselves a little picnic out of the massive cooler we had on the back seat.

Stop Number Two: Ottawa.

Canada's capital! We stayed in a hostel here because we both love them so much and it was fairly cheap for the few nights we were there! On our first night we went to the light show that's projected on to Parliament that tells the story of Canada's history which was quite interesting.

 I also tried the heaven sent food that is Poutine that night and I can't believe that we don't have it here in the UK! It's basically chips with gravy and mozzerella pieces but better if that's possible!

The next day we actually went in Parliament for a tour but Justin Trudeau wasn't there! The tour lady got a bit snotty with me about the names of the British monarchs as well when I called her 'Queen Lizzy', I mean someone in her life has got to have called her Liz!

We also crossed the bridge in Quebec for a few hours to go to the National History Museum. There were a lot of totem poles and things on the natives and invasions - would definitely recommend if you love history!
Here was where I tried a Beaver Tail too - it's not a real beaver's tail! It's like deep fried dough with whatever topping you like so I got nutella!

On my last day we went down to Niagra Falls (BUCKET LIST CHECKED) and did the boat ride in to the mist which I have to say you do get soaked on. Those poncho things do nothing for you except make you look like you're wearing a massive condom! The Canadian side on Niagra is so commercialised it's unreal - like Blackpool in the UK?

On the way home we stopped off at Burlington's Rib Fest, the largest rib festival in Canada, because I'd never had ribs and they were insane!! We went round trying all the different sauces (and there were 30+) before deciding on one that I think originated in Florida!

Except for eating a lot of gorgeous food all week I had such a good time seeing Alexis again after originally only spending a weekend together and driving around and listening to Closer by The Chainsmokers way too much - the magic of travel friends!

Lexis get your butt to England!