Oh My Goodness Ontario

Sunday, 4 September 2016

You know what the best thing about travelling is?
When you see someone you met in one country in another!

Which is exactly what I did on my way home from San Fransisco; I took a de tour to Canada to see my friend Alexis whom I met in Byron Bay, Australia. I only had a week with her but she was incredible and sorted out this whole road trip around Ontario!

"Sunny" San Franciscooo

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Before even heading to California I knew I had to try and get up to San Fransisco whilst I was there so, when camp was all over, myself and another girl got the Megabus for seven hours - twenty dollars each though - to North California.

Considering how hot and sunny the south was we were really not prepared for the north - it was freezing! The main thing keeping me warm was the sun burn I had sustained when I was in Malibu.