The Most Magical Day

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I hadn't been to a Disneyland since I was five years old and still scared of all the characters wearing the costume heads. So being in California for a whole summer meant I couldn't not go. 
We literally got to the park for opening and managed to get on four or five rides without queues which was a blessing. It also meant being absolutely exhausted by the end of the day!

I was literally bouncing with excitement as we entered the park and it was so amazing. The only thing I wasn't expecting is that the castle is as big as the one in Florida and I was so surprised by that!

It was really surreal seeing as I hear so much about Disneyland so often and yet I felt like everything was brand new to me, I'd never even heard of some of the most famous rides! My favourites were probably Indiana Jones, Space/Splash Mountain and the Matterhorn.

After lunch we were all so exhausted and hot that we collapsed on the benches in front of the castle and had a mini nap. Then one of the American girls who was with us and had the Disneyland app pointed out that the Princess meet and greets were really close by. Being so scared as a kid meant that the princesses were the only characters I'd go near so I had to go and visit my favourite princess again after so long!

We were really lucky as one of the leaders from camp managed to get us all a park hopper to include California Adventure for around $120 which I thought was a pretty good price. I don't think I'd ever realised that there was another park there but I'm so glad we had the park hopper!
I am so proud of the fact I went on California Screamer seeing as I'm scared of heights. We wondered around the pier and cars land and then headed towards the Tower of Terror (which is now being closed!!) We also randomly ended up meeting Anna and Elsa in a Pixar exhibition, I nearly lost my camera and managed to not get soaked in the log flume!

We had dinner on the pier and tried bread bowls! What a random but tasty thing they are!

To finish off such a wonderful day we stayed and watch the light show and it was so mesmerising. We sat fairly close to the beginning so that when all the floats had passed us we joined the back of the parade and danced our way to the main plaza and I can just remember feeling so so happy.

The fireworks were almost called off because of wind and I am so glad they weren't as they we spectacular and went through so much Disney music that my heart couldn't handle it and we all got really emotional because we really did have the most magical day.