The City of Angels

Sunday, 21 August 2016

When camp finished for the summer myself and some friends decided to have a week in LA to really get to see everything touristy. We stayed in Santa Monica which is a really nice hub to travel to and from and also has so many bars and restaurants and the pier to go to on an evening.

In that week we had though we literally did everything we possibly could!

We went to our first Baseball game! Some of the Americans from camp took us along and explained everything to us because we were so confused! Tickets were about $35 for a regular seat for the daytime match. The only problem was that is gets so hot in LA that we were all melting straight away (hence the purchase of a Dodgers cap) but the atmosphere was good and the food was good.

Another issue: We lost!

How could I go to LA and not go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame? It's iconic.
We spent the afternoon wondering around the shopping mall and then up and down the walk trying to find the most famous names on the walk. Outside the Chinese Theatre there are all the hand and foot prints in the cement - I have the same size hands as Meryl Streep!

We then went and explored the Universal City Walk after dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and we ended up on the dance screen which was hilarious!

After spending our last whole day down at Malibu Beach - where I got so badly sun burnt! - we headed back into LA and went for dinner at ShakeShack where we saw Stephen Merchant )Idiot Abroad) so that was a bit of excitement. After dinner we went to the Urban Lights exhibition at the LACMA.

We also went to Beverly Hills for an evening after spending the day shopping in Santa Monica and saw the signs and the fancy shops before going to the Cheesecake Factory! We ate so many different cheesecakes this summer!