Larking around Griffith

Sunday, 14 August 2016

On our first weekend down the mountain and actually in LA itself we were so relieved that we could relax that we didn't actually do too much. After we visited Grand Central Market in Downtown LA we then headed over to Griffith Park where we road the carousal, hiked around the abandoned zoo and then went to the observatory for sunset.

The abandoned zoo was kinda creepy but really interesting to explore but I really can't imagine how animals lived there! What is left standing today was mainly built in the 1930s and it is so obvious that zoological research has improved immensely as these cages, that once housed bears, lions and monkeys, are tiny and nothing like the natural habitats of these animals.

The best part about these enclosures is how over the years layers upon layers of graffiti has been added to the walls - most just tags but some of it is truly beautiful and gives life to the emptiness.

I loved the observatory! The building is amazing and there is so much information in there and it's FREE! We did however pay five dollars to go to one of the planetarium shows but the seat were so darn comfy that I fell asleep after fifteen minutes, oops! 

There were several talks around the building as well so we went all about Albert Einstein's work before heading back outside to watch one of the most incredible sun sets I have seen this year (refer to initial photo). That evening was just really chilled and what I needed for the little time I had off from camp.