I'm Leaving Again! | Camp America

Monday, 27 June 2016

I have been planning my gap year for well over two years and three things were always certain: 
I wanted to go to Australia  ✔️
I didn't want to spend much time at home  ✔️ 
and I wanted to work with Camp America  ✔️

Now the time has come to head off to America! I will be spending the next two months in the glorious state of California working up on a Girls Scout Camp in the mountains near Big Bear!

I have been waiting and waiting until I was old enough to apply to Camp America ever since I was about eight when I saw a camp advert on the back of my 'Mizz' magazine. Seems a bit far fetched but that is how I remember finding out about American Summer Camps and that us English people could actually work on them!

I didn't actually get placed until the beginning of June which is really late (I think!). The main reason (again, I think!) is because I wasn't able to go to the Camp fairs and walk around and talk to camps and get hired on the spot.

Originally when I applied I thought most of the camps were on the East Coast and that I'd be placed over there for sure and then I got an email from California and I was so excited! I'm close enough to LA that I can go surf on my days off which I am so so so so happy about! Not to mention that it is on my bucket list.

But now I must board another plane to another country to have more amazing adventures with more great people!