Indonesia My Love: Ubud & The Gilis

Monday, 18 April 2016

Back to mainland Bali and to the rice fields of Ubud! 
It felt so good to be back in a hostel and meeting new people everyday again! The town itself is bustling and is quite popular for tourists staying in the fancy resorts nearby but that's only really reflected in the one Starbucks (the only one I found in Indonesia!)

There's so much to do out of Ubud that I didn't get to do everything which only adds to the reasons I have to get back to Bali; from temples to waterfalls and the rice paddies. It was a totally chill place.

My first day was spent wondering around the town finding as many temples as I could. They're so ornate and all the offerings that lie on the street are so detailed with incense and flowers. Another thing about Ubud is that you have to keep looking around because there are so many back streets with hidden gems and the like. I also went to the Blanco museum which was actually quite interesting and there were beautiful parrots everywhere.

The Mount Batur Sunrise Trek. One of the hardest but best things I've ever done.
We had to get up at 2am and drive for an hour and a half before we could even start trekking. All the way up was complete darkness but there were so many people with torches about that it didn't really feel like it. The good thing about hiking in darkness is that you can't tell how far you have left to go so you just keep moving!

When we got to the top it was annoyingly cloudy as the sun rose and so so cold but such an experience with so many people around. There were also monkeys all over the place ready to steal any left over food, they were vicious! That was probably what put me off going to the Sacred Monkey Temple in Ubud. But as we started to make our way back down the clouds cleared and there were some beautiful views.

Later that day I went to the Rice Fields with a girl I was on the same buses as in New Zealand but didn't get to know until Bali over a month later! I love how you keep running into the same people over and over again, it's one of my favourite things!

After leaving Ubud, I went back to Kuta to say goodbye to some friends I met in Australia and then to see some friends from New Zealand and to just have a general chill before going off to the Gili Islands!

It was pretty much a whole day of travel, first a bus and then a boat, to get there but I loved the islands so  much!

I can't deny that I did party a lot on Gili Trawangan and I met a group of really amazing people. I also did a bit of snorkeling and cycled round the island to find the iconic swing! There were a few days where the power on the island cut off so that was another interesting aspect and the food was to die for in literally every place we went. If anyone is going you have to go to Scallywags for dinner, I can't even describe how insane their food was!

After spending a few days on Gili Air to recover I had to head to the airport and get on my plane to Singapore!