East Coast Wanderings: Magnetic Island & Cairns

Thursday, 24 March 2016

I had two awesome days on Magnetic Island and it wasn't enough!

We arrived just after lunch and got picked up from the boat terminal by some guys from our Whitsundays tour (cos we can't drive and they can!) and they took us to probably the most picturesque hostel I stayed in (above).

We then drove around the island and found some waterfalls to go paddling in - so many mosquitoes though! The island is so pretty it's unreal and also hosts wild rock wallabies and koalas (not that we saw any) but again is one of those places I will be returning to!

That day was actually St Patrick's Day so that night everyone was partying at the hostel in green and drinking copious amounts of anything we could get our hands on. It was also Ladies Night and a load of guys had dresses on to get cheaper drinks too! Another thing that occurred was the Goon Box Challenge which requires you to be very flexible and pick up an increasingly smaller box off the floor with your teeth, I got to the final but my leg regretted it for the next three days! 

The morning before I left Mag Island I went over to Bungalow Bay animal sanctuary with some girls I'd met the night before to see the Koalas! That's Belle, she's a cutie but with sharp claws!

Then I hitched a lift to Cairns with some friends from the Whitsundays...

Cairns was a weirdly hectic few days as my time in Australia drew to a close. I spent one morning planning a few things for Bali that just seemed to take forever and then chilling out at the lagoon and shops and meeting up with people and meeting new people.

Then the next day I went on a tour around the Atherton Tablelands which are just stunning. We visited loads of different waterfalls and went rock sliding and just had a really chill day in the sun and swimming. This waterfall above is actually the one where Peter Andre filmed his "Mysterious Girl" video if you're in to all that!

And then on my last full day a load of us went White Water Rafting! Such a fun day and I accidentally met up with a girl I met in Melbourne again! The only issue was that we had to be on the bus for like half six in the morning but it was worth it. We had a really good guide as well and even had a BBQ lunch riverside. There was also cliff jumping and nice bits of the river to just float in outside of the raft. It was all over surprisingly quickly.

That was pretty much the end of my incredible thirty three days in OZ. I fell in love with the country and it is 100% on my list of places to return to (I think if I get study abroad at Uni I can go to Brisbane!). It holds a really special place in my heart but at the same time I was so excited to get over to Bali!