East Coast Wanderings: Fraser Island & The Whitsundays

Thursday, 17 March 2016

My first tour in Australia! Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and has a spectacular landscape from the vast sand blows to the thick forests in the centre of the island and the many lakes scattered across the island. I arrived to the island around eight in the evening to find my tour had really nice accommodation and food. There was a lush bar area where everyone on different tours could socialise and wage war on the ping pong table!

So the tour I was on was a 4x4 bus which was an experience in itself, so so bumpy! The first day on the bus we stopped at Lake McKenzie - perfect blue - to go swimming and chill before lunch but it started to rain! Didn't last long so we moved on to doing a few hikes across the centre. Don't get me wrong they were flip flop worthy, nothing difficult, but a good time to get to know more people on the tour.

The next day was a long one. There was a lot of driving involved but a lot of cool stuff too. Started the day by doing a scenic flight across the whole island which was pretty incredible to see. We then went over to the Champagne rock pools to go swimming whilst massive waves crashed around us, then a hike up to Indian Head for more beautiful views and then ended the day floating around in Ely Creek in rubber rings before the long drive back to the side of the island where were staying.

The next day we went out to another lake for lunch and a hike through the sand blows before getting the boat back to the mainland to arrive back mid evening. Me and a couple of other girls had to wait for the overnight bus to Airlie Beach so we hung out in McDonalds for the free wifi!

Airlie beach: another one of my favourite places, made (probably entirely) by the people I met on my Whitsundays sailing tour - my favourite activity in Australia! Before the boat I wondered around the Airlie market and got some lunch, then sailing time!

It was a great three days of snorkeling the great barrier reef, drinking goon and eating a gummy bear and losing a filling! There were 30 of us on the boat and I think about half were Swedish, quite a few Canadians & Germans, couple of Irish and then a load of us English girls so it was quite a cool mix.

We also visited the famous Whitehaven Beach and paddled around with Sting Rays! After a final six am snorkel we docked back in at Airlie around nine and chilled out the rest of the day. 
For the next few days a couple of us from the boat hung out in Airlie and went to the lagoon and I was just happy a lot of the time.

Then a couple of us got the 7am bus to Townsville to go across to Magnetic Island!