Kiwi Adventures: Kateriteri & Westport & Franz Josef

Sunday, 7 February 2016

I made it to the South Island, which looks like something out of Avatar!

Our first stop was Kateriteri in the Abel Tasman National Park which apparently is the only place in New Zealand with yellow sand beaches. The full day we had there was absolutely lush weather which meant our sail boat trip was perfect! There weren't actually that many people from Kiwi Experience on the boat but there were a lot from the Stray Bus which meant we got to mingle with some different people. 

It was a really lush day out on the water just hanging out and making friends! We also moored and did a little hike up to a view point to get this amazing view before heading back to the boat and doing some swimming. The dangerous thing about sailing is that you never realise how hot the sun is because of the wind so I ended up with near second degree burn on the left side of my face, right knee and left foot! So random but is now very painful.


On the way to Westport the next day we stopped and went swimming in Nelson Lakes (there were eels!) and did another coastal walk before heading in to Westport for early evening. It was here that I got to go surfing for the first time out of England and it was probably the prettiest sunset that I couldn't take a photo of; perfect pink and sinking behind the cliff, framing all of the surfers. Also the first night that I cooked something other than pasta for dinner which you don't realise is a god send until you go travelling! That night was pretty chill - a load of us lead in the middle of a field and star gazed as you could see the milky way so clearly!

Next stop: Franz Josef. I was so excited to go here for the ice hiking but the day we went it got cancelled! I have the worst luck. So instead Liv and I hitchhiked to a trail and hiked to a glacier because we couldn't hike on the glacier. Didn't feel bitter one bit. Nope.

The rain did leave behind some spectacular waterfalls that made me think even more that Avatar was based on the south island. That night was really cool because there were two buses staying at the hostel so it was a massive party! Seems like all we do in the evenings! (it's true)

Kia Ora!