My Netflix Top Five TV Shows!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Being on a Gap Year and doing nothing but working for the past four and a half months when most of my friends are at uni or college means I have watched A LOT of Netflix! So I thought I'd do a round up of my favourite shows in case anyone needs inspiration.
1) Pretty Little Liars

This show is now in it's Sixth season and from someone who has been watching it since maybe the second I can fully say that it does not get boring at all! There is constantly new dramas and finding out who A is, well, it took it's time! For the fashion lovers amongst you, the girls wear some amazing outfits on every episode - of course it does go the other way too sometimes but we all have out bad days. It also can't hurt that there is definitely some eye candy throughout the series in the form of the Liars' boyfriends.
2) Shadowhunuters

This is a very very new addition to the list as it only started a few weeks ago but having read the books and seen the film (which I did like but wasn't perfect) I can tell that I will be hooked on this! The actors are so good and with some new faces making appearances - the only two I knew were Dominic Sherwood and Harry Shum Jr! - I am excited for the rest of the series.

3)How to Get Away with Murder

I was initially drawn to this show because of Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas in Harry Potter). But I stayed because of the gripping story line and the amazing cast headed by Viloa Davis, who I didn't even recognise from The Help! But I am so ready for Season 2 to make an appearance on Netflix.

4) Brooklyn Nine-Nine

So I started watching this off and on on E4 but then when I saw it on Netflix I decided to watch it in order and I am addicted. It is such a weirdly funny show with such a mix of characters. It's like a mockery of CSI and I love CSI so it's a bit of a change for me. But so so funny!

5) AKA Jessica Jones

This show is another cog in the big Marvel machine that supposedly links up with the whole cinematic universe, which I am yet to see, but is still very good in it's own right! David Tennant has taken on the role of the bad guy and it's just great. A female protagonist who fights crime is just what Marvel needs.

Leave any other recommendations below!