Kiwi Adventures: Hobbiton Set Tour

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A highlight of my New Zealand trip so far has to be the Hobbiton Set Tour because how can it not be? It's like how people come to England for Harry Potter sets but for Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit over here.
I have to admit I had only seen the first Hobbit movie before visiting the set so I couldn't always get references or wasn't as excited as maybe I would have been but it was a really cool experience either way!

It was literally unreal walking into the set as the surrounding area all looks so similar - i.e. rolling green hills - as you could miss some of the holes or details as they were either tiny or we'll blended in. What I really liked about the set is that each of the holes were set up with props and dressings as if actual Hobbits lived there,  the detail is insane! I'd keep spotting things like a pair of shoes left out or a picture frame. It amazes me how people put in that much effort.

The tour guide we had was really cool as well. There was a fairly big group of us but he managed to keep control and tell us some cool facts about different parts of the set at the same time as going off the usual tour guide script and telling us his own facts to embellish the script which I thought was actually really good.

The whole set was so beautiful and we had such a lovely day for it that everything seemed even more cool.

At the end we went to The Green Dragon our free drink and all I can say is that I will whole heartedly recommend the cider - and I'm from the West Country where Thatchers is made! 
Overall it was just a really lush day with some great people and I honestly want to watch the other films now!