Winter Coats

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Coats are the most important thing in a girl's Autumn/Winter wardrobe. The only problem is that they are often fairly expensive and for someone like me who is saving to go travelling I can't afford to spend fifty quid or so each time. That's why for the last few years I've been looking in Primark for my winter coats!

This first one I bought because of the gorgeous red/orange colour that's so bold. This year I'm loving faux fur as you will see! This coat is made of a felt material with a nylon lining which but is still incredibly warm. I find that Primark coats are always sized a bit big so both of these are a size 8.

The popper fastening doesn't go all the way up so it leaves a nice deep V neck to fill with a massive scarf or show off your top underneath. It also has gold zipped pockets which are actually really big to fit a phone or a small purse in them if you're just popping to the shops.

This photo may deceive you but the coat is actually a dark green, and look more faux fur! It's so incredibly fluffy and warm that I've never worn it with a scarf as it has quite high collar. Also it's slightly shorter than the red coat so it gives me a bit of a variation of styles.
Again this coat has popper to fasten it but is still so warm and also has large hidden pockets. The only problem is that these pockets are positioned more by my hips rather than where they usually are on a coat which makes them difficult to get in to!

What is your go to Winter fashion item?