The Beaumont Boot

Thursday, 31 December 2015

This winter I decided I had to get myself a pair of Chelsea Boots. They've been on trend for a few years now and I just haven't found the right pair or got round to buying any. Then at the end of November I went into Topshop whilst I was in Cardiff and found these beauties: 
The Beaumont Boot.

The thing that has taken me so long to find the perfect pair is that most heeled Chelsea Boots have quite a tall heel, which I don't want as I'm fairly tall already and it'd make them uncomfortable to wear for long periods. The heel on these boots however is only about two inches. I've worn them for long periods of time, in the rain, on a night out and on a day to day basis pretty much for the last month and they are still in a perfect condition!

The actual boot is made of suede so I did worry about the whole living in England wear it rains pretty much every day but at the moment they are holding out on me. The only feeling I've had is cold feet but not damp! Also the platform heel adds to the comfiness as your foot is at less of an angle in the boot.

So far these are the best boots I've actually ever bought so I'd love to know what you think if you have them yourself or any other suggestions for good winter boots?