Music Monday #8

Monday, 23 November 2015

Hi there!
After going to see Imagine Dragons live the other week I've really been getting back into my music and their new album so I thought I'd do another one of these posts. Let me know in the comments any suggestions you have!

1) Roots by Imagine Dragons

This is my favourite song off of their new album Smoke + Mirrors and it was just incredible live. If you want a little snippet check out my insta in the sidebar!

2) I Found by Amber Run

This band I found on YouTube through the recommendations on another video and I love the guys voice, it's so soulful.

3) She Wants by Sunset Sons

Sunset Sons supported Imagine Dragons on the tour date I saw and I loved them! Their sound is very similar to Imagine Dragons but they are insanely catchy.

4) Eyes Shut by Years & Years

For ages I didn't know the artist of this song when I heard it on the radio but when I found out it was Years & Years I felt a bit silly that I hadn't guessed that! This is another one of their incredible songs which get stuck in my head for hours on end.

5) Sorry by Justin Bieber

I annoyingly like Justin's music. I'm still not a massive fan of him as a person but his new songs are so different to his old stuff!