The Bristol Vintage Kilo Sale

Thursday, 15 October 2015

I went to my first Vintage kilo sale! If you don't know what one of those is, it's where you go to an event space (like the Paintworks in Bristol) that is filled with racks and bins full of vintage clothing and you root through it and buy what you want per kilo rather than per item!

Being the good blogger that I am, I actually forgot my camera to take my own photos at the event - I was in such a rush! So these initial photos are from the Facebook page. When I got there for the early admission the queue was so much larger than in this photo, the whole courtyard was full of people and there wasn't really an organised queue so people kept skipping the line which wasn't exactly the best way to start the day. 

I got quite a few items for what I paid which is the joy of a kilo sale I guess! Some of the items need altering as it's difficult to find correct sizes in the mayhem, luckily I have a sewing machine! As well as clothes there was a jewellery stand at the event where I got these two necklaces. It was a pay seperately stand so wasn't included in the kilo price.

Altogether I got five items for about £22 which is a lot cheaper than if it were a store! I got two midi skirts, two tops and a jumper. The button up shirt is actually mens but I love big tops to wear over t-shirts or vests. My favourite item is the blue striped skirt with the green accents I just love the pattern!
Have any of you guys been to a Vintage sale?