University Kitchen

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Hello lovelies!

It's around this time of year when many people disappear off to uni again and for first years they have the sudden panic of having to cook for themselves. I'm not going until next year as I'm having a Gap Year but as I'll be away for most of next year I am slowly putting together  everything I will need, so this is what I have got for the Kitchen at the moment...

My favourite item(s) that I have is this pastel coloured knife set which I adore! They are all such usable sizes and are a cute addition to my utensils. Also when I went into Asda my mum picked me up this cute drink jar and it was only £2 so that went through the till!

Knives // £7.50 // Waitrose
Jar with Straw // £2.00 // Asda

Most of the utensils I will need my parents gave me from our camping set as we don't go that often any more but there was the odd thing so I got this metal spoon and wooden spatula from Asda. 
Before I started collecting stuff I already had this bowl and then the plates went on sale so I decided to make it my Uni set.

Metal Spoon // £2.00 // Asda
Wooden Spatula // 40p // Asda

I got myself two of everything so that I would be more inclined to wash up straight away. I love the floral patterns and the scalloped edges to the plates and bowls as they're really simple but not boring!
I think these plates were about £3 each but as I work at Waitrose I get discount on top which makes it nice and affordable! I definitely would not have the money to buy it otherwise!

Dinner Plate // £3.00 // Waitrose
Side Plate // £3.00 // Waitrose
Bowl // £2.50 // Waitrose

Also from Asda I got some storage jars which came in a set of 3 which I think will be ideal for holding things like flour and sugar as I'll need them but not a lot so won't be needing a whole box of each! The mugs came in a set of 4 as well but I'll only need two and the other's have a chicken print on - I hate chickens, my mum thought she was funny - so they're staying at home.

Storage Jars // £3.00 // Asda
Mugs // £8.00 // Sainsburys

*bonus item*
I haven't bought these recently but I love them! My mum got them in a chocolate set and I use them to turn my halloumi as they are the perfect size!

That's it for now! I would recommend for anyone to go through supermarkets and Wilkinson's for kitchen items and even bedding and things as places like Ikea (though I think it is the best place in the world) it's quite expensive per item in comparison.

To anyone going to Uni, have an amazing time! If anyone has any blogs on Uni life I would love to read them!