My Trip to Dismaland

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Last night I ventured down the road from where I live to visit Banky's Dismaland. I have to say it was a weird experience. You enter into a fake security system where the staff are totally serious about no smiling, and stop random people before letting everyone through into the rest of the exhibition.

The whole exhibition is set in the old Tropicana outdoor swimming pool in Weston, which closed in 2000 and hasn't been occupied since so really gave it the run down feeling for Dismaland.

The staff were great at getting in the 'dismal' mood by staring aimlessly out of their game booths and getting in the way of people's pictures, it was so funny to watch!

As well as the outside space there was several tents and a main exhibition hall where other artist's work was displayed along with Banksy's. Most of it was paintings, whether political or just funny, but there was also this nuclear cloud and tattooed porcelain dolls and things like that.

Banksy likes to be controversial with his art. For most people this is just Cinderella's cart which has crashed but this is actually a depiction of Princess Diana's death as, after her car crashed, the paparazzi were there taking pictures of her body in the wreckage. 

Banksy also addresses issues in the media such as the Seaworld controversy with their whales and the immigration crisis, going as far as the boat driving game to be boats full of immigrants.

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