August Favourites | 2015

Sunday, 13 September 2015

How are we in September already? It barely feels like the year has started! With the new month rolling around, this is my August favourites!


This month's beauty favourite is something that I picked up in Paris as a holiday treat to myself and it's this MAC Lipstick in the shade Brave. I love it as the natural shade means I can wear it on a daily basis at work etc and for it to still be appropriate. It feels velvety and smooth on my lips, almost like it's conditioning my lips.


With Autumn on our doorstep in the wake of a not so sunny Summer, I have been getting a few things to update my wardrobe. This month New Look has been my fashion favourite as their new Autumn range is vast and affordable, which for someone with not a lot of money (me!) it is perfect.

Bat Wing Jumper // £17.99
Skirt // £6.00
Hat // £14.99


With the release of Paper Towns in the cinemas I had to go grab the book beforehand and again John Green is spectacular. I cannot sing his praises enough! Definitely read this book, the film is just as good but there's always going to be little details missing in any adaption.


This month I have been loving Age of Adeline which stars Blake Lively. I didn't originally watch it in the cinema as I wasn't too sure about it but I managed to watch it the other day and it is a definite must see! It's the story of a women who stops aging after being in a car accident and how she lives her life by moving around every few years, until she meets the 'love of her life'.


I haven't had too much time for down time this summer what with increased work hours and several holidays but I have been getting back into sewing again. I love to make bunting and am learning how to make scrunchies so we'll just have to see how that turns out!

Hope everyone has a lovely September!
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