First Impressions | Davina McCall Dumbbell Set

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Summer is nearly upon us and there's the select few, including myself, that have left a little late to get our perfect beach bod so I decided to invest in some dumbbells to tone my arms and back.
So I got these Davina McCall Dumbbells from Argos from £12.99!
This post is about my initial impressions!

The box that the weights came in also came with a list of helpful exercises which I liked and the dumbbells come in three different weights: 0.68kg, 1.13kg, 2.27kg. This means that it is so much easier to build up strength without over straining yourself as they're so evenly spaced.

I think that the best thing to do with dumbbells is to start with the lightest ones (even if they're easy) and then gradually work up to the heavier ones to get the best effect. 

I also like these ones as they were such cool colours and they came to a heavier weight than the other ones of the same price on Argos. 

Do any of you guys have any tips or tricks for becoming more healthy and getting fitter for summer?
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