April Favourites! | 2015

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hi there!

So this month has been VERY busy for me (hence the lack of posts, sorry!) I went skiing at the beginning of the month, my brother left to travel Asia, I've been hit with revision stress because exams start soon! AND I had my 18th birthday at the end of the month, so it's been fun!

This Good Things Face Mask is just one of my all time favourite products I have been using it for years and years but this month it has been a particular favourite of mine and it smells UH-MAZING!

As you can see by the emptiness of this bottle this has been my favourite foundation this month. It is the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Full Coverage Foundation in the shade Ivory and, for me, it has done exactly what it says on the bottle - it's fully covered the deep bags under my eyes!


I love crazy patterned trousers and I found these cool ones in Primark for £8.00. I think they're ideal for when you need to be comfy like when you're travelling or just being around the house. They're a really light material so they can be worn in pretty much any weathers and teamed up with some sandals and they're great for lounging around on a nice day!


This month's food favourite is Nutella and apple! Yes, dipping the apple in Nutella - is't sooo good!

Even though I haven't really had a lot of time to read this month a book that I have gone back to recently is Matched by Ally Condie which is the first in a series of three. I really like the dystopian style fantasy stories and this one is about a society that controls every aspect of your life and two teenagers that try to brake out of it.

I think I may have watched Dirty Dancing about eight times this month! I love the music and the dancing and of course Swayze!

This month's music:

Hold Back The River by James Bay
What have your favourites mean this month?
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