Have a Lush Easter!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping with my mum at Cribbs Causeway and I wondered into the Lush store just to have a little nosey at the new Easter selection. And I may have bought a few things on a bit of a whim!

Big thanks to Freyja for being so lovely and helping me choose!

This cute bath bomb is called Hoppity Poppity and is definitely my favourite Easter product this year. It has a fresh herbal scent from the lavender and violet leaf ingredients, but also contains popping candy which brings a bit of excitement to any bath!

The other product I bought is called The Comforter and is a bath melt. It actually smells like Ribena! 
It's sooooo Lush! 
I literally sat smelling the bag all the way home it's that strong. Because the bar is so large I'd recommend only using about half (or maybe even a little less) per bath for it to create sweet smelling bubbles. It also turns the water a gorgeous pinkish purple colour for the perfect relaxation time.

Have any of you picked up any Lush Easter products? I'd love to read any other posts you might have!
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