Review | COLAB Dry Shampoo

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Dry shampoo is an important product for me, especially before work as I start early on a Saturday morning and I don't have time to shower and everything before hand. Also, as I have quite light blonde hair as soon as it gets at all greasy I think it's really obvious so dry shampoo is the holy grail for me!

This product is new to me and I only really picked it up as it was on offer in Superdrug but I got the "Paris" scent which is lovely and leaves an amazing floral smell to my hair.

The main thing that I am loving about this product is that it has a sheer invisible formula which means that there is no weird grey dust left in your hair. It does still require brushing out however.

Shake well. Hold the can 20cm from hair and concentrate on roots. Massage through with fingertips, brush and finish.

Here's how I got on with it:

This is an image of my hair before I used it 
(I had just got out of bed)

And after! I think it's most noticeable on the front left of my hair

This is a great product to refresh my hair before a busy day at work and COLAB has definitely been the most effective dry shampoo for my hair.

I really want to try all the other scents now and I like how they're all named after cities all over the world: London, Paris, New York, Rio and Tokyo it's like a mini travel guide!

I could not recommend this product enough but let me know in the comments what you think!
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