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Thursday, 8 January 2015

This may be a little late but hey! better late than never!
This is what I got for Christmas!

So if you saw the post with my Christmas List (Dear Santa...) I knew I was getting a Filofax for Christmas but I wasn't expecting all the extras my mum got to go with it!

I also got a ton of DVDs including all my Disney, Shailene Woodley and Marvel favourites.

Beauty wise I actually got a fair bit this year, my boyfriend got me a couple of Lush bath bombs as he knows how much I love a good bath and I also got a couple of perfumes. I've had the Nina Ricci one before so I knew what it smells like but Daisy Dream is just such a gorgeous scent!

And I got a Tangle Teeser which I have been wanting for so long now and is such an amazing product! As well as the Real Techniques Face Brush.

I also got the books and vinyl from my list and I might have finished "Misty Falls" the day after boxing day! And the George Ezra album is sooooooo good!! It sounds amazing on vinyl.

Thanks for reading! 
What did you guys get for Christmas? 
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P.S snaps to those of you who get the Gossip Girl reference