Dear Santa...

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas everybody!

So I have been a bit MIA from my blog this month as I was producing my sixth form's production of Grease! Now it's all over and I can get back to a rough schedule and some revising for mocks in January.

This post is going to be my Christmas List as we are so close! 1 more day!

Main Present

I've found that now I'm in my last year of Sixth Form I have so much other stuff going on other than school and I don't want to be taking my school planner everywhere with me so at the moment I'm putting everything into my phone calendar which can be a bit unreliable so for my main present this year I have asked for a Filofax!


Every year I ask for books for Christmas and then see how many I can read by New Year but this year I have just asked for books that are a continuation of series I already have and there aren't that many for once!



The perfume that I got for my birthday ran out recently so I chose a new one called Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs and then I also wanted a new Real Techniques for press powder so that made it on there too...


Got to have a few movies to keep you going through the holidays right? And I've gone with a bit of a Shailene Woodley theme...


I love to collect vinyls of my favourite artists as, even though they're a bit more expensive, I think they sound so much nicer! This Christmas I have asked for George Ezra's album and Ben Howard's first album Every Kingdom.

I've also had a few items of clothes which I've received from my mum and she's said that they're part of my Christmas present so hopefully I will have a small Winter Haul up before the new year!

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and eats loads of food and gets everything they wish for!

What have you guys asked for for Christmas?
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