#TeenBlogSeries - Balancing Blogging With School

Monday, 6 October 2014

Teen Bloggers Anouska Millar (Anouska Millar) and Beth (Miss Beauty Obsession) have decided to start a project called #TeenBlogSeries. Its aim is to bring together lots of the teens/young adults in the blogging community. For the next ten consecutive weeks, over 80 bloggers will be writing every Monday at 6:30pm about many different things, all beauty, lifestyle or fashion related. You can view everyones posts by going to the hashtag on twitter "TeenBlogSeries". If you would like to get involved email: anouskateenblogger@googlemail.com.

Week Seven already!

What's my secret to studying A Levels and maintaining a blog?
Well there isn't really one... 

For teen bloggers like myself this is the hardest thing for us to do as homework or coursework and exams have to take priority so there might be times where blogging can be difficult.
I am fairly organised but I don't have it down to a tee just yet but something I find helpful is always having a few draft blogs prepared for when you don't have enough time to make a whole new one.
Other ways of keeping yourself organised are very simple:

Create a Chart
To use to keep a rough scheduling timetable

Use A Whiteboard
To write any homework you have to do

Keep a Notebook
Carry a notebook around with you to write ideas in when the moment hits you

Now I'm quite lucky that I have quite a lot of free periods on my school timetable so I get most of my school work done actually in school.

As well as making Sunday my "Blog Preparation Day" for the week ahead as I am always determined to get at least two blog posts out a week. However, there are some weeks where life takes over (as I also have a part time job) so the blog just has to go without or the pictures won't exactly be how I want them.

How do you keep organised when life can take over? 
I have also put a filofax on my Christmas list as I definitely think it will help!

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P.S I should probably apologise for not keeping up with this series for the last two weeks as life really has taken over a bit.