What's In My Bag? | Back To School Edition

Thursday, 4 September 2014

I'm crying inside right now. I went back to school today.
It's a bit weird to think that it was my last first day of school...ever.

So in light of the new term, and because I got a new bag, I've decided to do a what's in my bag for school!

Bag - New Look

I have absolutely fallen in love with this bag! It's the perfect size for my school things as it fits a binder in and leaves space for other things too! The only problem is that the top doesn't have a zip but I think I can work around that!

Pencil Case - WHSmith
Notebook - Waitrose

A little look inside my pencil case - the most important thing in here is my memory stick which allows me to move my files between school and home without having to send a ridiculous amount of emails!

Other items included in this post:

Pens - Tesco
Tipex - Tesco
Sticky Notes - Tesco
Plastic Wallets - Tesco
Binder - WHSmith
Lined Paper - Waitrose/John Lewis
Ring Reinforcements
Vaseline - Superdrug
Hand Sanitiser - Superdrug
Highlighters - Hema
Washi Tape - Hema
Small Purse
Phone Charger

I'm curious to know what you lovely readers put in your school/work bags, let me know in the comments!
Hope everyone is enjoying being back to routine life whether it be work, school or college!
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