Bleach London Hair Crayon Review

Thursday, 25 September 2014

For some reason I am having major festival blues this week! I have just managed to book my end of Year 13 girls holiday to Zante and I just want to get back in the party spirit!

So before I went to Reading Festival I decided I wanted to colour my hair, but not permanently as I quite like my natural hair colour. I did some research and in the end bought this : Bleach London Hair Crayon in the colour 'The Big Pink'.

It was so easy to apply, it's just like colouring! 
I would recommend wearing plastic gloves though, like the ones you get in a regular hair dye packet, as I found that the crayon did stain my hands a little bit.

I discovered that the dye didn't stay in as well if you just did a little bit. I did have to add to it sometimes. Below you can see my hair on the first day of the festival (left, Thursday) and on the right is my hair about two days in (Saturday). So yes, reapplying is needed!

I was really surprised at how easy this product was to use; it comes with it's own sharpener and it doesn't stain clothes. All you do is colour it on and then brush your hair through to get rid of any excess powder.

Sorry the box is a little crushed from being in my rucksack!

The biggest problem that I found whilst at the festival was that as I couldn't properly wash my hair, the actual colour was coming out of my hair but the product was still bleaching my hair so that it was whitish blonde - not quite sure what happened there!

Leave a comment below if you have used this or similar products! I'm really interested to see what other people used!
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