The Switch.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hi there!
I've recently made a change to the products in my daily make up bag.
I swapped my foundation for a BB Cream!
And yes I'm about three years late to the bandwagon since BB Creams first appeared in western countries in around 2011, but hey-ho!
I made the switch as my foundation was starting to feel quite thick in England's new found heat which was quite uncomfortable. I've been using my Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation since September and I've found that it's lasted really well but as soon as it got wasn't successful...

Now, I had heard all the hype about how amazing these creams are so, when my last bottle of foundation ran out, I thought why the hell not?
And I am so glad that I did!
Unlike foundation, I've found that this cream is so light on my skin that I forget I'm wearing make-up!
 Also, as the summer sun has cleared up any blemishes from my skin (meaning that I don't necessarily need full coverage), it's ideal for covering any left over shine my skin may have at the same time as preventing the blemishes from coming back.
This is definitely my No.1 product this summer!
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