|| Survival of the Festivals ||

Sunday, 29 June 2014

What with the summer fast approaching and several major festivals already behind us, I figured their must be many of you struggling to think as to what to pack! Am I right?

So to help you out a little, I've compiled some of the items I think are key for surviving a festival!

A Bum bag
I think that a festival is possibly the only acceptable time to wear a bum bag, except maybe if you're travelling! So why wouldn't you take the opportunity to find the prettiest one out there? 

Face  Wipes
Now, there isn't going to be spectacular cleaning facilities when you have to share them with thousands of other people! This means your skin will have to suffer for a few days and face wipes can still make you feel fresh.

Lip Balm
Keeping your lips moisturised can be a challenge when you're off partying but keeping a product like the Maybelline Baby Lips  on you can sure help! Some of them even add a splash of colour!

Phone Charger
Having a portable battery powered phone charger will be a major lifesaver for many of you! This one is called Anker Astro Mini and is available from Amazon.

Gotta keep those gorgeous peepers protected! These are available from River Island.

Hand Sanitiser 
Similarly to the face wipes- you're not going to be able to wash your hands as much as you'd like to! But this is where Soap and Glory can help you out!

You may start the day with perfect looking hair but it'll soon be all over the place from either the weather or
just because you've been partying too hard!

We've all seen the state that Glastonbury can get in from all the feet walking in the same areas! Like this weekend! So wellies are a definite must just in case the ground decides to become mush!

These will come in handy for things that you'll never even realise!

Compact mirror
Unfortunately, I don't think many of us could bring the mirrors off of our vanity tables to a festival so this is where a compact one comes in!
Dry shampoo
Again with the lack of cleaning facilities, dry shampoo will be your absolute saviour for the weekend! I love Batiste's dry shampoo, they smell awesome!

Let me know your survival must haves!
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