My Belgian Adventure!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hi there!

I've been on my travels again and this time I went to Bruge in Belgium! This time I went with my parents as my exams finished before the end of study leave so I thought - why not?

We went for six days and actually spent five of them just in Bruge there was that much to see! On the other we went to Ghent and Ypres.
It was actually really nice and relaxing being able to get up, wonder around the town, look in some shops, go home and do a bit more relaxing before heading out for dinner!

So here are some pictures from the trip!

Okay, so the yellow building is a restaurant called De Torre where we ate a couple of times. Even though their menu is quite limited to pizzas, pastas, fish and steak, I have to say that it was the nicest pasta dish (Penne Arrabiata!) I've eaten in a long time!

This is the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing from World War One.

The sheer number of names was astounding and I could not believe the amount of men that nobody new what had happened to them. 

There were so many different countries up there from the UK to Australia to India and the West Indies.


And to celebrate Father's Day here's me and my Daddy

Hope you like my photos, have any of you been to Bruge?
- Amy Caitlin xo