The Best Of Eurovision 2014

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Hi guys!

It's that time of year again where Europe comes together for one epic singing competition: Eurovision!
I always quite enjoy watching as you get a range of acts from strange to amazing. So, as I was watching it I decided to pick my favourite fashions and songs from the event!

The Netherlands


I just adore these two!! And I am in love with Ilse DeLange's textured dress, it's not too over the top as many of the other acts' were (talk about too many sequins!!) and compliments her figure beautifully!


A classic monochrome look for the men out there! I personally love the long, crisp white shirt paired with the clean cut of the leather jacket and I especially like the metal diamond accent at the collar of the shirt. Nikolaos Raptakis really knows his style!

Their song was also spectacular and was one of the only ones that actually made me dance in my seat!


When I first heard Germany's song I was a bit dubious as one of it's main instruments was an accordion and I hate accordions!! But then I saw Elaiza's gorgeous jacket. I love the contrast between the femininity of the floral and the rebelliousness of the leather shoulders, I just think they create the perfect juxtaposition.


This song didn't immediately grab my attention, there wasn't anything exactly special about it but exploded into this glorious kind of dubstep style song which makes you feel good to listen too!

I also quite liked his styling...again with the accented leather edging to his jacket and of course his gorgeous Armenian flag broach which actually looks quite exquisite.

Winner of the Act Who Most Reminded Me Of Bruno Mars: Denmark

Oh My God this song literally screams Bruno! I just loved it! And the dancer with the blonde hair was really getting into it which made it even more fun to watch!

Winner of Strangest Act Which I Still Loved:  France

All I really got out of this song was that it was about a moustache but it was fun and quirky just not quite right for the competition I suppose...

Winner of Favourite Act: United Kingdom

I am definitely not showing favouritism okay! I genuinely loved our song this year!! My other favourites include Iceland, The Netherlands, Armenia and Denmark.

I also loved Molly's dress, designed by Lucy Kenney. It's dead on tread with the gold metallic embellished by faux fur and feathers. I'm pretty sure she could also single handily bring back gladiator sandles! 

Winner of My Favourite Act of All Time (so far!): Norway

This was Alexander Rybak's performance from 2009 and I just remember it so well from when I was younger!

Did you watch the contest? Who was your favourite?

- Amy Caitlin xo

P.S Sorry that this is such a long post I obviously love Eurovision too much!