The End Of An Era

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hi there!

This is a bit of a sad time for me at the moment. An injury which I acquired around six years ago has gotten much worse; as a result of this I have had to quit my main passion in life: Dance

I have been dancing since I was two years old (I'm seventeen at the end of April), so you can see why this is quite a major thing for me, seeing as it has been something that I've devoted practically my whole life to.

It's something that has been coming for a long while but it's still terribly upsetting to have to let something you love go and I am going to miss it so so much.

But what am I going to take away from all this?

Some absolutely amazing life experiences...


In aid of the charity Barnardo's I have danced at both Wembley Arena and The Royal Albert Hall, which will definitely be something I will always remember!

Great Friends...


With all the different shows and costumes and make up and class timetables and dates I had to remember how could I not become organised?

And Talent...

 So this may sound a little big headed...but I am so proud of myself at how much I have improved in the last few years and all my achievements! And now I have a talent that not everybody can do!

It's taken me a while to write this post as I feel like publishing this is really the end for me, which may be why it's come at a weird time. But, saying that I guess we've all got to move on from our childhood eventually just mine came a little sooner than I expected...

Anyway, I want to if any of you lovely people reading this have loved and lost something as I have?

- Amy Caitlin xo