February Favourites!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hi there!

Long time no speak but I've been busy with life! So by now it's January Blues season when people who made a resolutions to eat healthier and go to the gym realise that they haven't and those who vowed to drink less realise that they had a whole bottle of wine to themselves last Friday night! (Obviously, not me as I am under age!)

Anyway I thought I'd share what has made my February just that little bit brighter! 

To start, I have had an absolute obsession with Vaseline since I got a set for Christmas. I normally don't do anything about my dry lips when I get them but recently I've just  got so into taking care of them!

Another product which I have been loving recently is my Simple moisturiser. With the cold weather worsening my skin can get incredibly dry so this amazing product has being keeping my skin nice and hydrated.

For Christmas I got this gorgeous Nina Ricci perfume and it is just such a lush smell to brighten my day!

Now, I may not have made a resolution to eat healthier as that seemed too official for me, but I have been eating more fruit and salady things! And my most loved fruit this month is Kiwis! They are so easy to pack into my school bag when I don't have time for breakfast, that, and I have these special Kiwi spoons which I think are awesome!

The things that have made me the most happiest in this last month is Ikea and Argos! And the reason for this is because I have been re-decorating my new room! These websites have been so helpful with fairly cheap furniture and storage systems it has been so much fun and I'm not quite done just yet! 

Sorry the photo wouldn't rotate!
My best find was this cutlery organiser which I have used to store all of my extra stationary. I also found this adorable metal pot which I store my make-up brushes in.

Leading on from my last point, this month I have been loving anything cute, blue, green or white or all three! Oh the perils of re-decorating!

I've used this old GU pudding jar to hold my candles and just added some skinny plaid ribbon around the top to give it a cutesy feel.

I found this fabric on eBay and I thought they were really interesting patterns and colours to come together so I thought of making some bunting and scrunchies with it!

What have been your favourite things this month? Leave a comment below!
- Amy Caitlin xo