My 2013 in Instagram Pictures!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Hi there!

I know it has been ages since I blogged but literally my life has taken over at the moment; I've got a job, deadlines and a school production all to navigate! So, sadly, blogging has kind of taken a back seat.

Anyway, I have decided to kind of show what the second half of 2013 (I only got Instagram in May) meant to me through my Instagram photos!

Posted 5th May

My summer shopping addiction began early this year! and in a New Look changing room!

Posted 11th May

My friend recommended that I read this book and it is quite simply amazing! I stayed up until 2am and cried my eyes was still good.

Posted 23rd May
I finished Year 11 for study leave...and this was the last walk to school with my friend Alex after five years! :'(

Posted 22nd June

I was so close to finishing my exams!

Posted 24th June

So I proceeded to buy myself an end of exams present in the form of Barry M nail varnishes! 

Posted 30th June

Prom also happened around this time...

Posted 11th July did a shopping trip to London! Which I wrote about in a post here.

Posted 29th July

I also went on holiday to Switzerland, which was a new experience with all the different temperatures!

Posted 22nd August

I passed my GCSEs! 1 A* 3 As 4 Bs and 4 Cs - Yeah Baby!

Posted 3rd September
I also passed my Grade Seven ballet exam with a merit! Even with injuries and exams at the same time.

Posted 27th September (not my photo)

I moved schools and met an amazing group of new people!

Posted 31st October (no my photo)
I also met my best friend Nicola, this was the first photo of us together! We dressed up as zombie cheerleaders for Halloween!

Posted 7th November 
I then went on this weird health kick throughout November...and I can't even remember why!

Posted 8th November 
After months of waiting I finally got to see Gabrielle Aplin live and she was so incredible! I was right at the front and it was such a good night.

Posted 27th November
I think my year - no life - was made when my mum took me to the Harry Potter Studios! I was so excited I was literally about to explode!

Posted 2nd December
And less than a week later I was invited to London by none other than the producers of Harry Potter - Heyday Films!

I didn't really do a lot in the run up to the New Year after this, there were so many deadlines and overtime at work that I didn't do anything interesting to be honest. So I think I'll just leave you guys with a picture of my favourite Christmas present from my amazing boyfriend! Oh yeah and follow me on instagram - amy_caitlin24!

Posted 30th December

- Amy Caitlin xo