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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hi there!

Now, being a teen who struggles with spotty skin I know how it feels when one appears just when you don't want it or when they scar - it's pretty rubbish. And yes, there are face washes that work but not all of them really do anything, either that or it takes ages! So in my experience I have found a few solutions and tricks that also help!

The most important thing is to keep your face clean. I know I said that face washes don't work on their own but here are the few that I have used along side my other solutions.


I normally like to use my different solutions at night or late in the evening so that they can take their time to work and not have to be washed off ready for the day to start. The main solution I have come to use over the past few months is Sudocrem. A lot of people may only know to use this for baby's nappy rash, but I promise you that it is for acne too! Although, it doesn't completely clear your spots it does help to dry them up and lighten the skin for acne wounds, if you have naturally dry skin then I wouldn't recommend using this. Just apply a thin layer to your face and it'll soak in!

My next solution is face masks. You can get loads of different face masks for different purposes like exfoliating or sensitive skin. I like to use this mud mask by Avon and Montagne Jeunesse face masks, I also like to use Superdrug's own brand Superfruits mask as I find them just as good but cheaper!. Yes, it does make you look like a scary monster for a little while! But it is very relaxing to put the face mask on, run a bubble bath and just relax!

This solution may sound a bit weird but putting toothpaste on your spots can help majorly! It dries up spots nicely. I suggested it to my friend after she complained about her spots and now, a week later, her skin is so much clearer! However, something that we have both noticed is that it can really sting from the mint in the toothpaste but after a minute it calms down so it's worth riding the pain.

If you are one of the lucky ones who only get the odd spot now and again, I have found the solution: Freederm Fast Track Spot Gel. It's rapid action formula is designed to reduce redness in 3 hours! So if an unwanted spot appears before a big night out, just pop a thin layer of this gel on the spot and it will be literally invisible!

Finally, if you are like me and had a serious problem with picking spots when you were younger which has resulted in spot scars, there is something you can do to help reduce them without having to go to a dermatologist. Put lemon juice on them! Yes it sounds weird, but it works! You know you put lemon juice in your hair to make it lighter well I've found that the same effect works for my skin.

That's all for now, leave your own getting-rid-of-spots treatments in the comments! I'm really interested to know what you guys use!

- Amy Caitlin xo

P.S sorry for the bad lighting on the pictures.