The Style In My City: Melbourne by Soda Style Pop!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Melbourne is the culture capital of Australia. There, I said it. We believe that we have something a little more special than any other Australian city (and we don’t need a harbour bridge or opera house to prove it - take that Sydney.)
Our diversity is impressive, the theatre scene is thriving, art is at the heart (ha, see what I did there?) of everything Melbourne stands for, and fashion is the way we communicate.And before you accuse me of being presumptuous – we have the title to back it up, we are ‘the most liveable city in the world’, thanks Forbes!
Muccia Prada once said, “Fashion is instant language”, and if that’s true, Melbourne is defiantly the United Nations translation room.
Amongst the buzzing alley ways of the city, the tourist filled Bourke Street Mall, the fashion forward Chapel Street and bohemian Brunswick area, Melbournites everywhere are communicating through fashion.
And although Australia’s fashion industry may be based in Sydney, there is no arguing that Australia’s fashion capital is Melbourne – you just have to look around you to see it.

Melbournians reek cool factor. Fact. We appreciate design, have a love for the colour black, set trends and aren’t afraid to have fun with how we dress. We march to the sound of our own drum, because we are all individuals.

I hit the streets to snap some shots of some lovely Melbourne individuals, to demonstrate the style and variety on our streets.


Meet Vulette, I spotted her when waiting in line to see Tavi Gevinson speak.
What I love about her outfit is the variety of texture, and how although she’s wearing greys and blacks, she’s wearing different variations that create contrast throughout the look. Also her shoes are fierce and the pop of an orange lip makes this a kickass ensemble.

This is what Vulette had to say…

Your style is... always changing! One day I decide I'm going to dress simple and minimal, next day I'm clashing patterns and colours. But the running theme for my style is something I've coined 'schoolgirl-scruffy-meets-tomboy-chic’...

Who is your style icon? Jessie Bush from We The People Style.

Favourite clothing item at the moment? My Nike Roshes and my Gorman leopard print shorts oh AND my TwentySevenNames striped tshirt. That's 3 items, sorry but I just can't choose 1!

Where do you like to shop? All over! I buy lots online because you can spend HOURS searching without being hassled by sales assistants. Also I'm still quite loyal to nz labels which you have to get online mostly. Like Ruby, TwentySevenNames For bricks and mortar stores, I really like Incu, and of course A Quirk Of Fate.

What do you love about Melbourne fashion? That you can wear basically anything and get away with it. In NZ there is a lot of pressure NOT to stick out too much ... 'tall poppy syndrome' I believe it’s called. So I definitely like the freedom in Melbourne to dress a bit more out there. 


This is Bianca. Bianca was spotted on a night out on the town and her pants were so unique I had to shoot her.
An overall sophisticated and put together look. I love the monochrome colour palette (classic), and her dramatic choc-berry-lip is very vampy in a great way!

Let’s get to know Bianca a little better…

Your style is... Edgy, fierce and fun!

Who is your style icon? Lara Bingle (I hate to admit that)

Favourite clothing item at the moment? Marc Jacobs gum boots

Where do you like to shop? All over! I buy lots online!

What do you love about Melbourne fashion? Melbourne lets you experiment and make something different of the classic looks. People aren't afraid of standing out. The mixture of quirky boutiques, designer labels and flagships stores create infinite fashion possibilities.


Now repping it for the boys, here we have Joe. I really love his clean, cut aesthetic and minimalism that make this outfit so on par.
Slouchy jeans, a button up shirt and Nike jacket? I had to shoot him – ultimate cool factor of the ideal Melbourne male specimen.

Let’s see how Joe approaches his style…

Your style is...
Comfortable and clean.

Who is your style icon?
Hirari Ikeda.

Favourite clothing item at the moment?
That would definitely be my Nike Lunarglides, because when I wear them I feel like I’m god walking on clouds.

Where do you like to shop?
End Clothing, Farfetch, and Opening Ceremony!

What do you love about Melbourne fashion?
I think it's so fun that in a relatively small city, you can jump from one side to another and people dress so differently, like little tribes.


This is Mary. Mary has to be the best 15 year old I’ve ever met. Not only is she adorable, but her style was kickass.
I love the oversized granny coat, socks and sandals, bejewelled collar (she made it herself – so talented) and denim pinafore combination. She is a prime example of a Melbournian having fun with her dressing!

Shall we fall even more in love with Mary?

Your style is...
Hmm...I don’t usually think about my style, but it’s very inspired by my surroundings and influences and I see it as way for me to explore the jumble of different aesthetics I like. So I guess it’s partly classic vintage, minimalist, junk princess, teen witch, and some days just utter dag.

Who is your style icon?
I don’t really have a specific style icon who I consciously try to emulate when I dress up. That being said I am definitely inspired by certain people and fictional characters like Tavi Gevinson, Duckie and Andie from the 80’s film Pretty in Pink, Lizzie McGuire and lots of other awesome people.  

Favourite clothing item at the moment?
This is hard because I’m really indecisive, possibly my glow in the dark alien socks, or my 90’s style plastic black choker, or actually my new pretty pastel purple creepers from Asos.  

Where do you like to shop?
 I shop anywhere really, but at the moment I’ve been buying clothes at places like the thrift shop, Asos, Topshop, St. Leonard’s vintage, Dangerfield and Kinki Gerlinki.

What do you love about Melbourne fashion?
It’s so diverse and there really isn’t a stereotypical “Melbournian outfit”. I think in Melbourne people dress how they like unapologetically and without giving a damn and I find that very inspiring. I don’t know what makes Melbourne fashion specifically different to that of other cities but we do have lots of people who know how dress damn fine.


Now here is a classic example of the Melbournian’s love for black. They say we have all four seasons in one day, so black is the perfect colour to brave all the elements outside!
Chiara here is showing us how to do all black, without looking like your mourning the loss of your pet cactus.
Her use of sleek lines, textures and pop of colour in the collar make for a chic and sophisticated outfit.

Too good Chiara…

Your style is...
A mix of sports luxe/modern chic

Who is your style icon?
Alexa Chung

Favourite clothing item at the moment?
My black cape.

Where do you like to shop?
Ksubi, Zara and online retailers.

What do you love about Melbourne fashion?
Melbourne fashion has always had such a diverse range of styles and trends, it really just encourages everyone to dress as they please.


Now I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I didn’t do myself wouldn’t I?
I always dress according to my mood, and this time is no different. Happy days call for a happy outfit!
I love a bit of quirky detail, and this Louise Grey for Topshop is the perfect top for that!
Also, I loved that skirt so much I bought it in black off ASOS as well! Living on the edge!

And now for the questions…

Your style is...
Quirky, fun and a way to reflect what vibes I’m feeling on that day!

Who is your style icon?
I luuuurve Audrey Kitching, Alexa Chung, Aimee Phillips (look her up, she hangs around with the ‘It Brits’), and a bit of modern-day Kelly Osbourne.  

Favourite clothing item at the moment?
Either my new Air Max 90 Tapes or Givenchy bag. Probably the Givenchy bag.

Where do you like to shop?
I am a sucker for online shopping - Topshop, ASOS are my heaven on that front. For designers I love a bit of Alexander Wang, House of Holland, Romance Was Born and Emma Mulholland. My ‘go to’ high street labels for me are Sportsgirl and Glassons.

What do you love about Melbourne fashion?
I love how unique we are. Go to any other state in Australia and people will pick where you’re from just by what you’re wearing! I think we’re practical, but have an appreciation for the art in design and have an overall sophisticated look. There is just so much variety here, it’s why we are the fashion capital of Australia.

And there you have it folks! My little retrospective on Melbourne fashion! Hope you enjoyed it! Also, come to Melbourne if you’re ever in Australia! I can promise you it will be enriching for the soul! (One more time all together now – ‘Melbourne is better than Sydney!’)

A big thanks to Amy! Catch you on the flip side!