September Empties

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Hi there!

I've been having a clear out of all the empty bottles on my vanity table and thought I'd do an 'empties' post.
This is the before and after pictures:

And these were the products that I discovered to be empty after sorting through the mess!

First up is just my Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. I tried a different one this month: 'Bee Strong'. I think it's meant to strengthen your hair but I haven't seen an obvious difference yet - it does make my hair smell lush though!

Another hair product! I've had it for quite a while so it is definitely worth the money! John Frieda 'Go Blonder' Lightening Spray. My hair is naturally blonde but as I've got older I've realised it goes quite dark (almost brown) in the Autumn/Winter months. Because I didn't want to completely dye my hair I chose this instead! However, you have got to be quite careful not to put too much in your hair or it can look like you've bleached it.

 The picture on the left is when I used too much in my hair a few years ago and the picture on the right was taken in July.

I am so sad that this next product ran out! It was my favourite perfume from The Body Shop called "Love ETC...". Now I'm not good at describing smells, so bare with me. It has a sweet scent which I would describe as floral but I have no idea what flower it makes me think of!

This is what used to be a press powder by the brand "Witch", it includes antibacterial actives which can help target spots and breakouts. It is great for controlling shine and your skin's oils. I think it really works, compared to other press powders I have used this one definitely keeps my face less shiny for the longest!

I don't normally buy Olay as it is quite an expensive brand for me (someone with little money) to buy. However when I went on holiday and forgot my moisturiser, this was the only one Boots had so I just bought it and gave it a go! This was definitely a life saver for that holiday! But at the end of the day it felt like any other moisturiser with an added bonus of SPF 15, probably just going to stick to my Vichy and Simple.

That's it for this month's Empties! Hope you liked the post!

- Amy Caitlin xo