Music Monday #1

Monday, 12 August 2013

Hi there!

For me, music is always involved in my life. I listen to it a lot and I love to find new artists who aren't that well known. I have seen this sort of post on several other blogs and have decided to start my own - after all, everyone has different music tastes.
I don't actually know what to really call my taste as I listen to quite a wide range so I shall let you, the reader, decide!
These won't be weekly posts but I thought I'd share my five favourite songs every now and again...

1) Pieces by Lewis Mokler

I love the guitar in this song! and the video is so cute! Lewis' other music is awesome too!

2) Sinners by Lauren Aquilina

Lauren is one of my favourite artists that I have ever found through YouTube and I am so in love with her music! She also did an amazing cover of Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray which you can check out here.

3) Forget Your Past by Son of a Lumberjack

This guy actually followed me on twitter so I checked out his music and well I thought it was great!

4) Teenage Icon by The Vaccines

I've only just started to really love The Vaccines' music and I remember hearing this song when it first came out. It's so catchy and perfect to put me in a good mood. Also, Freddie Cowan. Enough said.

5) Wake Me Up by Avicii

Yes, we have entered the chart music...but this new one by Avicii has been in my head for days! Especially the chorus, which was probably how it was designed! I also think the girls in this video are so pretty!

So that is my five favourites of right now! If you have any favourite songs I would love to see it in the comments!

- Amy Caitlin xo

P.S I have just realised that I have used way to many exclamation points in this post - oh well!