My London Adventure!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hi there!

Yes, I've been to London before but it has been a while since I had a good shop there! I went with my Mum and we got the bus from Bristol at 7.45am! I wasn't exactly the most awake on the bus there...

We arrived at about quarter past ten and then got the tube straight from Victoria to Camden Town. I love Camden Market. Although there are some really weird stalls and people the overall all atmosphere is awesome! We spent quite a bit of time there actually, it's so big you just get lost!
We were looking at this one stall that had some lush fairy light made with all natural ingredients when the guy running it came up and said "Amy?", I just looked at him like 'how does he know my name?' and he said he was a magician. He then proceeded to show us a load of magic tricks which were really cool and made me laugh out of amazement.
I also grabbed some lunch at the market from one of the dozens of Chinese places and there was this huge robot thing that was near to where I sat to eat...

Also if you walk along the street where the underground is in Camden literally all of the shops have models attached to the front of the shop. I like the Doc Martin...

After Camden, we hopped back on the tube down to Knightsbridge to visit Harrods. It wasn't to buy anything! I'm not rich! It was very busy and the only place we really looked was the perfume (which was at the front) and the food hall. My Mum bought her lunch from there and then we walked over to Hyde Park.

We actually got a bit lost in the park - I'm not know for my navigational skills - but we ended up coming out my the memorial for the 7/7 bombings. It was so different to a regular memorial as there wasn't just a list of names but a pillar for each of the people who had died and where they had been killed.

When we finally made it out of the park at the right exit, we headed down Oxford Street and the real shopping started!
I did attempt to go in Primark but it was just so busy that I gave up and opted just to go to the one in Bristol some time soon. I also went in Urban Outfitters, River Island, Boots, Forever 21 and Selfridges. We stopped to have a cup of tea in Selfridges - mocha for me obviously - after I had had a good look at the MAC cosmetics counter!

We then moved on to Carnaby Street, which I have to say is the lushest street I have ever walked down. The only problem was that we were getting a bit rushed for time so we didn't have time to properly look through the shops, but it is definitely where I am going to start next time I go to London!

For dinner we went to this lovely little restaurant called Côte, which was on the outskirts of SoHo. We chose to go with the "pre-theatre" menu - two courses for £11.75. Both me and Mum had the steak and chips for the main course and it was - I couldn't think of a better word - absolutely divine! The meat was so succulent and cooked to perfection, there wasn't a single burnt chip, and the service was so quick! 
For pudding I had a dark chocolate mouse with crème fraîche on top but I didn't eat all of it. 1) it was so rich and sickly! and 2) I have now discovered that I don't like crème fraîche.
I would definitely go to any of the Côte restaurants again as it was so utterly fab, deserves a big five stars from me! 
Also this was the bottle that the complementary water came in and I thought it was rather fancy...

After dinner we headed down to Leicester Square as Mum had in mind to buy a Häagen-Dazs ice cream for some reason! However, when we go there we discovered that the world premiere of Simon Pegg's new movie "World's End" was going on so we stood and watched Simon Pegg and Nick Frost getting interviewed on the blue carpet - was a little bit weird! 

Unfortunately, then it was time to start heading back to the bus station at Victoria to go home. As the Leicester Square underground was so busy we decided to walk over to Trafalgar Square instead. (I sent us in the wrong direction again- oops!) But when we got there, there was a full on camera crew and extras filming something, don't what though. That was quite interesting! 

It's not very clear on that picture but you can see the big purple screen they had up to keep the sun of the actors. 

Finally, after some very crowded undergrounds and a little bit of running, we made it to the coach on time and then we were homeward bound! 

Well done if you have managed to read all of this post and thank-you! I hope to go back and have some more London fun soon! 

- Amy Caitlin xo