Low On Money But Want High Fashion?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hi there!

In our world today everyone is constantly looking for a bargain when buying their clothes or shoes or accessories.  And I'm one of them! If I see something I really like then normally I am more than likely to hit up Ebay and see if they have it before buying (or not) from the store. 
So here is my list of top money saving websites for great quality fashion! 

1) Ebay

As I have already expressed my love for ebay, it is coming in at the top of my list! I think it is a great website as you can buy new or used items and there is such a wide variety. I know I use it to find designer items that I, perhaps, couldn't otherwise afford. My greatest find to date has to be my Jack Wills gilet. This gilet is around £80 or something from the shop but I got one second hand for £30! Now the only problem with buying items second hand is that they could be damaged in some way when you receive them. This is properly the seller's fault for not advertising the problem but that's the chance you take!

Visit the website at: www.ebay.co.uk for the UK or www.ebay.com for elsewhere.

2) Boohoo

I like Boohoo because it is solely online, I like that you take a chance on what you're buying and there isn't the opportunity to go to a shop and change your mind about buying an item.  Also because there are some great prices for some absolutely lush clothing! (and shoes and accessories and much more!)
It is also a great place for basics and I love their Autumn/Winter clothes - all those snuggly jumpers! Don't get me wrong I love the spring/summer clothes as well but it can get a bit samey: cropped vests anyone?
At the moment I currently have my eye on this gorgeous lilac vintage jumper, even though it is getting a lot hotter! Strange for England.

Visit their website here and keep an eye on FashionVouchers (more below) for great deals!

3) Primark at ASOS

I only discovered this the other day whilst I was roaming the ASOS website and was absolutely over the moon! Primark is one of my favourite high street stores, which might make me sound a bit cheap but with a teenagers income (very little) what else can you do?  
It is really good for basics, underwear, shoes etc but you can also find some real gems as well! I also like the fact that it has now got an online store because the Primark near me (Bristol) is huge and can get so packed and hot on a weekend that you can hardly get near the clothes! 
If I put up on here what I have bought in Primark we could be here for a while but if you want to see some recent purchases check out this blog. However, I shall show you what I am currently obsessed with: Varsity tops! I really love this one on their website and it is only a fiver! 

Visit them over at the ASOS website: Primark at ASOS

4) Fashion Vouchers

Can I just say that I squealed when I found this website? I mean it is just such a good idea! And again, like ebay, it gives someone like me who has little income the opportunity to buy clothes of more expensive brands at a more affordable price. 
Although I am yet to use any of the vouchers on this site there has been some amazing offers such as 20% of dresses at Urban Outfitters and so on. 

Visit their website here!

5) Select Fashion

I originally found this brand when the store opened up in Bristol and at first I thought it was going to be one of those cheap brands that just sold really tacky clothes - I was surprised! Yes the quality of some of the items can be a bit hit and miss but I think it is a really good place to get plain black leggings.
There always seems to be a sale on as well so you can grab yourself a bargain. Although on the website delivery is only free if you spend over £40, it does offer a 15% discount for students. After having a little search for some new shorts I discovered these at Select. I love them because the crotchet is subtle unlike some other shorts I have seen!

Visit their website here.

That concludes my list of top money saving websites! If like me you spend way too much money with not enough coming in then these websites can be useful to you too! Also if you know of any other websites that can keep a few pounds in your pocket then leave a comment and spread the word!

- Amy Caitlin xo