I Danced At The Royal Albert Hall?!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hi there!

No the title is not joking, I really did dance at The Royal Albert Hall! I haven't actually made it totally clear on this blog that I dance so, sorry about that. I dance at the Adele Stitch School of Dance and have trained in various different styles of dance since I was two.

Anyway, the reason that we danced at the RAH was because we were invited to be a part of the Barnardo's Help The Children concert, which is a big honour.

Previously, I have danced at the Wembley Arena as part of the same concert but I have to say that this time round it was so much better!

Considering I had my Year 11 Ball the night before, getting up in the morning was torture! The coach was leaving at nine so I only had five hours sleep! I literally forced myself to stay awake on the coach as I knew I'd be more tired if I went to sleep again. Luckily we stopped at a service station so I bought a Mocha and had my coffee hit.

When we arrived at the Albert Hall we entered through the Stage Door and were immediately bombarded by pictures of all the different acts and performances that the Hall has hosted. 
It was really interesting and kind of awe inspiring to see who had stood on the same stage before us: there were pictures of Gary Barlow, The National Television Awards, Frank Sinatra, Beyonce and Jay-Z and sooooo many more! There were also pictures of when the hall was turned into a basketball court and a sumo wrestling ring.

We were then shown to our dressing room. I could of happily of lived in there it was so lovely! The carpet was so soft on your feet and the sofas were so squishy. It was really well decorated and we even had a fully tuned piano! 

Before we had our rehearsal, our dance teacher took us up to the top of the Hall so we could see the size of it and it was quite literally breath taking! Never in my whole life am I going to forget this experience.

Mirror in the dressing room.

The view from the top.

The humongous organ. 
Corridor view.

The light domes that hang from the roof. 

After we had had lunch in Hyde Park, which  is home to some very weird runners, we had about two or three hours to do all our hair and make-up before the performance. 
                                   That was rather stressful!        
Overall the performances went really well and the stage is so long that when we finished everyone was panting for breath! 
The concert itself it mostly a choir of school children singing with soloists and such, but is also presented by 'celebrity' compere each year. This year it was Ore Oduba from Newsround on CBBC and we met him afterwards. He was nice. 

This is a video of one of  our performances! It's to a mix of Bom Bom by Sam and the Womp and Girls by Beyonce.

Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment, I love to hear what you think!
- Amy Caitlin xo