Guest Post | Botanics Eye Make Up Remover Review

Friday, 26 July 2013

Hi Guys, 

Elinor from Little Red here! The lovely Amy asked me to do a guest post for her, whilst she is away, and review a product I have recently tried & tested. 

Us English Roses have just about wilted from this stonker of a heatwave and I don't know about you but my skin has gotten really sensitive with the heat. Removing my eye makeup became utter torture as my normal Simple eye makeup remover seemed to do nothing but sting. 

I spent a long time roaming Boots in search of a saving grace eye makeup remover that would love my sensitive skin. I settled on the Boots Botanics Eye Makeup Remover as it boasted about being all natural ingredients and to have a brightening effect on your eye area. I have bigger bags then your neighbourhood bag lady so I was all over this! It seemed kind to my purse - I hoped it would be just as kind to my eyes! 

I was so wrong. 

You have to shake the product well to combine the ingredients, once I applied it to my eyes my first thoughts were how oily it felt. For me it had no soothing feel instead I felt as though i'd smeared cooking oil on my face. It didn't seem to remove my makeup either, it started to break it down yes (I had to hold the cotton pad over my eyes for a good 2 minutes) but whilst trying to wipe it away it just seemed to smudge down my face. 

It took me a good 5 minutes every time to stop looking like I'd gone three rounds with Tyson, when all my makeup was removed I had a very oily residue to wash off. Instead of a quick job it turned into manual labor! Taking off my makeup became even more of a chore than I already felt it was. 
As you know, water and oil don't really mix that well so to get rid of the residue I had to splash my face 10 times. After the first use, the product got all over the outside of the bottle which meant it was slimy and the labels all started peeling off. I wanted to leave this on my shelf unloved because I didn't even like it. 

I pursued with it however and used it all up, took about a week and a half (which I thought was really poor product lasting time). One that will not be welcomed home in my next Boots haul, beware!